School Timeline

SPIS Timeline

SPIS Timeline


It was conceptualized last 24 December 1998, through the benevolent efforts of Mrs. Carina Marilyn R. Fredeluces, Ms. Marilou Rosca Araneta and Mrs. Epifania B. Bagalawis.


Permit to operate granted

With the strong support from the Philippine Embassy through Minister Counselor Mariana A. Dumia , and other various Filipino communities, the school was endorsed to the then Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) now Department of Education (DepED) and the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom (MOE) and was granted a permit to operate last September 19,1999 with a Preliminary License No. 14/G, reference number 1943/ 420.


Inter-Agency committee on Philippine Schools Abroad

The Team of the Inter-Agency committee on Philippine Schools Abroad composed of Dra. Fe R. Hidalgo, former assistant Secretary of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Dr. Alberto P. Mendoza, former Director of the Bureau of Secondary Education and Mr. Jose Molano Jr., Officer-In-Charge of the IACPSA, Executive Director of Commission on Filipino Overseas and Secretary of IACPSA, arrived in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last 18 February 2000 with its number 003, s.2000.


Birth of SPIS

The birth of the Second Philippine International School (SPIS) demonstrated the response of strong support and gained full trust and confidence from its constituents which paved the way in attaining the school’s accreditation, the most prestigious recognition given by the Department of Education. It was issued last December 4, 2000.


SPIS at present

Strengthening on school new developmental paths is currently a major focus of SPIS. Establishing new ideas for school administration, firmly placing full participation excellence in education and strengthening the development of a well-disciplined, enlightened, nationalistic, self-reliant, God loving, creative and productive citizens that can be of value to the society where they belong when they go back to their own country.